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Industrial Racking & Shelving

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Ord Industrial and Commercial Supplies have been providing the North of Scotland with Pallet Racking and Shelving solutions for over 10 years. Helping customers to utilize space to its full potential. Full delivery and erection can be provided by our fully trained staff.

Light duty Shelving (A)
is mainly used as storage solutions for manually handled light loads and sorting lines. Lightweight and easily assembled using the connective or inserting method.Shelves can be conveniently adjusted to suit with no tools needed.
Sizes:- L1000mm x D4500mm x H2000mm,
5 Levels 100kg per level includes steel shelving.

Longspan Shelving (B)
Designed for light to medium weight goods that are stored and retrieved manually by hand. Ideal for storage areas for a variety of different products.
Easily made of upright frames, beams and shelves. Beam levels are adjustable to suit and come with shelves as standard. All metal components are coated in epoxy powder.
Sizes:- L2000mm x D600mm x H2000mm, 3 Levels,
500kgs per level includes steel shelving.

Pallet Racking (C)
Suitable for various occasions of high, medium or lower levels. Can be assembled freely and adjusted easily. Appropriate for picking heavy goods by pallet, high strength and durability.
New and second hand available; simply call or email for details.

Longspan Pallet Racking